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convert.hpp File Reference
#include <alps/alea/core.hpp>
#include <alps/alea/internal/util.hpp>
#include <alps/alea/internal/joined.hpp>
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struct  alps::alea::joiner< Result >
class  alps::alea::mean_dat< T >
class  alps::alea::var_data< T, Strategy >
class  alps::alea::cov_data< T, Strategy >
class  alps::alea::batch_data< T >
struct  alps::alea::joiner< Result >
struct  alps::alea::joiner< mean_result< T > >
struct  alps::alea::joiner< var_result< T > >
struct  alps::alea::joiner< cov_result< T > >
struct  alps::alea::joiner< autocorr_result< T > >
struct  alps::alea::joiner< batch_result< T > >


 Set of accumulators and statistical pre-/post-processing operations.


template<typename R1 , typename R2 , typename Result = typename internal::joined<R1, R2>::result_type>
Result alps::alea::join (const R1 &first, const R2 &second)