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format.hpp File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <ostream>
#include <memory>
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class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< T >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_sentry
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< T >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< char >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< bool >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< short >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< unsigned short >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< int >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< unsigned int >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< long >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< unsigned long >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< float >
class  alps::alea::internal::format_registry< double >


 Set of accumulators and statistical pre-/post-processing operations.


template<typename T >
T & alps::alea::internal::get_format (std::ios_base &stream, T initial_value=T())