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mpi_variant.hpp File Reference

Header for archiving interface for boost::variant. More...

#include <alps/utilities/mpi_vector.hpp>
#include <alps/utilities/mpi_pair.hpp>
#include <alps/params/serialize_variant.hpp>
#include <cassert>
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void alps::mpi::broadcast (const alps::mpi::communicator &, alps::params_ns::detail::None &, int)
template<typename MPLSEQ >
void alps::mpi::broadcast (const communicator &comm, typename boost::make_variant_over< MPLSEQ >::type &var, int root)
 MPI_BCast of an boost::variant over MPL type sequence MPLSEQ. More...

Detailed Description

Header for archiving interface for boost::variant.

Header for object-oriented interface to MPI for boost::variant.

FIXME: Move to archive/hdf5
FIXME: Move to utilities

Definition in file mpi_variant.hpp.