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index_sequence.hpp File Reference
#include <type_traits>
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struct  alps::integer_sequence< T, I >
struct  alps::integer_sequence_detail::concat< typename, typename >
struct  alps::integer_sequence_detail::concat< integer_sequence< T, A... >, integer_sequence< T, B... > >
struct  alps::integer_sequence_detail::build_helper< T, First, Count >
struct  alps::integer_sequence_detail::build_helper< T, First, 1 >
struct  alps::integer_sequence_detail::build_helper< T, First, 0 >




template<typename T , T N>
using alps::integer_sequence_detail::builder = typename build_helper< T, 0, N >::type
template<typename T , T N>
using alps::make_integer_sequence = integer_sequence_detail::builder< T, N >
template<std::size_t... I>
using alps::index_sequence = integer_sequence< std::size_t, I... >
template<size_t N>
using alps::make_index_sequence = make_integer_sequence< size_t, N >