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params.hpp File Reference
#include "alps/config.hpp"
#include "alps/hdf5/archive.hpp"
#include <alps/utilities/deprecated.hpp>
#include <map>
#include <iosfwd>
#include "./dictionary.hpp"
#include "./params/params_impl.hpp"
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class  alps::params_ns::params
 Parse sectioned INI file or HDF5 or command line, provide the results as dictionary. More...
struct  alps::params_ns::params::not_restored
 Exception type: the object was not restored from archive. More...
class  alps::params_ns::params::archive_conflict
 Exception type: attempt to restore from 2 archives. More...




typedef params_ns::params alps::params


std::string alps::params_ns::origin_name (const params &p)
 Convenience function to obtain the "origin" filename associated with the parameters object. More...