Applications and Libraries for Physics Simulations Core libraries

The ALPS Core libraries aim to provide a set of well tested, robust, and standardized components for numerical simulations of condensed matter systems, in particular systems with strongly correlated electrons. They consist of a set of components that are used in state of the art high performance codes. The ALPSCore libraries are a spinoff of the ALPS libraries available from


The libraries are open source and available for everyone to use in their own numerical simulations. Our user community consist of developers and users of a wide range of condensed matter physics codes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contributing to

Contributing back to is highly encouraged: be it by filing a github issue, modifying the code and submitting a pull request, or by becoming one of the main developers.

Contributions to come from different people at different institutions

would not be possible without support from the

Simons Foundation

The Simons Collaboration on the Many Electron Problem brings together a group of scientists focused on developing new ways to solve the quantum mechanical behavior of systems comprised of many interacting electrons, with the goal of revolutionizing our ability to calculate and understand the properties of molecules and solids important in chemistry, physics and everyday life.