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propagation.cpp File Reference
#include <alps/alea/propagation.hpp>
#include <iostream>
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 Set of accumulators and statistical pre-/post-processing operations.


template<typename T >
eigen< T >::matrix alps::alea::jacobian (const transformer< T > &f, column< T > x, double dx)
template eigen< double >::matrix alps::alea::jacobian (const transformer< double > &, column< double >, double)
template eigen< std::complex< double > >::matrix alps::alea::jacobian (const transformer< std::complex< double > > &, column< std::complex< double > >, double)
template<typename T >
batch_data< T > alps::alea::jackknife (const batch_data< T > &in, const transformer< T > &tf)
template batch_data< double > alps::alea::jackknife (const batch_data< double > &in, const transformer< double > &tf)
template batch_data< std::complex< double > > alps::alea::jackknife (const batch_data< std::complex< double > > &in, const transformer< std::complex< double > > &tf)